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The-Missing-Tune has started a donation pool!
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:points:Feel Free to donate points to me, it will help me reach to my Core Membership goal.:points:

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:bulletred:*PLEASE NOTE ME FOR A COMMISSION*:bulletred:

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Please be aware I do have a life outside of my computer, I have bills to pay, a job to go to, and other boring adult stuff. Paying me with money will help out greatly with my bills and the steps to help me accomplish my goal of making a living off of my art. Donations are also nice but I'm also aware most deviants are broke as hell and have no time for paying artist with real money but I thank you for your understanding.

:bulletred:Commission Rules:bulletred:
1. I like to try and explore new things, draw different things that's not sonic related. BUT if I feel like I am unable to accomplish a commission I can't draw I will respectfully decline.

2. I will not lower my prices, no one is special. I might do sales but I won't drop my price just for you.

3. Refunds are not guaranteed, I only give refunds when I have taken too long for a commission to be finished but I will not refund you just because you don't like it. I will gladly go back and make some changes for you but because frauding out artists of their commission is an easy scam so I won't allow it..

4. When the drawing is complete, it is your's to do what ever you like. Post it on your Gallery (don't forget to credit me), make it your wall paper, print it and make it a poster on your wall, scan it on a coffee mug, or draw some penises all over it. It's yours to do what you wish.

5. My art isn't limited, I can draw nudity and gore but do not be offended if I don't submit your commission into my gallery due to DeviantArt's rules.

6. I only accept 5 commissions at a time, I do have other things going on for me and other people so I don't want to over work myself with too many commissions.

7. I have no problems you making an artwork with my characters in it, just please credit me and send me a link so I can see it.

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~.:: Commission Layout ::.~

.::Commissions::. by The-Missing-Tune

~.:: To Do List ::.~


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Yes! I have finally decided to open up my commissions! :happybounce: 

Paypal by Th3EmOo

Five slots will be available, I won't be taking anymore then five at a time.
1. )
2. )
3. )
4. )
5. )

Commission prices are down here, click on the image below to view it bigger. Arrow down 
.::Commissions::. by The-Missing-Tune
*Extra Characters are $2.00

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Notes About My Paypal/Commissions Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! 
Bullet; Green Please type in the message box your deviantart username and the commission you requested BEFORE you send me money.
Bullet; Purple You will be refunded if you send me commission money if you are not on the list, if you send me money for donation then please tell me in the message box BEFORE you send it.
Bullet; Green Commissions won't start until the payment has gone through. You will be added to the list if you wanted a commission but if I have not received a payment from more then 7 days (Unless you note me when you will be sending me the money) you will be removed from the list to give other people a chance to get on the list. I won't have a slot be taken and wait 4 months until you have the money to pay for the commission.
Bullet; Purple Payment must be in USD currency
Bullet; Green I can't stress this out enough;For the best final results of your commission, please please be as descriptive as possible on your drawing. Don't tell me to draw a sky and when I draw a blue sky you later tell me you wanted it green or something like that.
Bullet; Purple Keep in mind that I tend to work at my own pace and that things may tend to keep me busy from time to time. I will try to finish your works as quickly as possible, so please be patient with me.
Bullet; Green If I'm drawing your OC/FC please send a full body reference, it's difficult to draw a full body drawing with a bust shot reference.
Bullet; Purple If I'm drawing someone else's OC/FC let me know their username so I can credit them Kawaii Papyrus 


The-Missing-Tune's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
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~.:: About Me ::.~

.:~:.How's it going, my name Jazzy and I am a fellow artist! I'm well known for my Sonic art styles but I love to adventure out and try to draw new things. I generally like to draw and play video games, I usually stick with RPG games and horror games (mainly zombie games) but I'll play some MLG seeing as that my friends like to hear me rage. I'm generally a nice person, I'm shy at meeting new friends but once I get use to you I'll act random or crazy. My friends say I'm the lovable idiot but I guess it can't be helped. I warn you I have a dark sense of humor and use vulgar language but would never say something hurtful and mean it. .:~:.

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~.:: Friends ::.~

then again, who needs friends when you have food? c:
*none of these people are in any particular order*

:heart::iconshadefalcon: My Hubby :heart:

:iconxfrostmonarch-115: ~ My Brother From Another Mother
:iconfrostthehedgehog2: ~ My Older Brother From Another Mother
:iconcyclonethehurricane: ~ My Friend I Can Open Up To
:iconbladedshard9: ~ The Cookie Thief
:iconxxvelvet-oreoxx: ~ My Kinky Mother
:iconfrostburned-soul: ~ My Weirdo Husky Butt
:iconmrdragonbear: ~ My Dovahkiin

Please check out these people's Gallery and give them some love!

If you're not in here it's probably because we don't talk or hang out enough.

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~.:: FAQ ::.~

:bulletgreen: Questions
:bulletpurple: Answers

:bulletgreen:.:: Can You Give Me Points? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: No, not unless I'm using those points to pay for something like a point commission. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Can We Be Friends? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: I don't mind making new friends, but that takes a lot of time. You can't just message me saying "can we be friends" and expect me to just trust that you'd be a good friend. Give us some time to know each other and then we can be friends. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Can I Use Your Character For RPs? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: No. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Do You RP? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: Yes, just send me a note asking if we can rp, send me your character info and we can start. I do a lot of RP styles and genres, I prefer actions or horror RPs. I don't RP with God Mods or people who can't spell, I don't mind a few typos but no slang language unless that's how your character speaks. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Can I Draw Fan Art OF Your Character(s)? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: Absolutely! I love it when people take the time to draw something for me, makes me feel a little special. You don't need to ask, just don't forget to send me a link so I can see it and credit me. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Can I Have A Free Drawing? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: No, I have bills to pay. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Do You Do Point Commissions? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: Sometimes, if I'm not in debt or struggling to pay bills and have free time I'll make a journal to mention about point commissions. I'm trying to get paid with actual money to help support myself. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Can I Commission A Drawing For A Friend? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: Absolutely! I think it's nice for a friend to buy something for someone else. Just tell me who it's going to so I can link them the finish product. I'm sure they will appreciate it. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: What Programs Do You Use? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS6, and on rare occasions Paint for sprites. I'm also in the progress of learning how to use Flash. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Do You Still Sprite? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: Occasionally, they don't get submitted on DA. Usually my friends see it for their animations. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Can You Teach Me How To Draw Like You? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: A Magician never reveals their secrets... Just Kidding, I'm a terrible teacher but all I can say is Practice makes perfect and never give up. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: How Long Did It Take You To Get Where You Are? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: I joined Deviantart in 2010 on a different account, I made a second account because I needed a fresh start and a new beginning. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: Why Don't You Submit A Lot Of Art? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: I grew up with a difficult life, I won't go into details but it got me to the point I needed to take care of myself which is hard because I suffer through depression which will give me lack of motivation. But I'm trying my very best to get back into drawing and finish my projects. Also I live in an apartment and have a retail job so I have to take time to pay bills and work to get some food in the house. Kids, don't grow up. ::.:bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:.:: When Is Sharp Edges Going To Be Published? ::.:bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple:.:: That's a project that I'm still working on, it also has a new name but for now I need to take care of other things but expect it to be soon. ::.:bulletpurple:

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