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February 24
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.::Monster Academy Application-Nyla::. by The-Missing-Tune .::Monster Academy Application-Nyla::. by The-Missing-Tune

Name: Nyla Steils

Age: 19

Height: 4'2 ft in human form, 5'2 in her monster form

Monster type/species: Hyenawere

Grade: Freshmen

Glamor item: Collar with a small amulet representing her Hyenawere eyes.

Favorite class: Mischief and Mayhem

Characters Major: Mischief and Gym

Worst class: Magic

Current Classes: NA

Classes Passed: Mischief and Mayhem, M.P.E., and Human Studies

Current Points: 10, 167

Natural weapons:

Fangs- In human form she still obtains her canine teeth, though in human form her jaws arn't strong enough she can still bite through skin and leave a mark or a peirced wound. In her monster form her jaws are much stronger so when she bites she can drag and throwing victims and leave ragged wounds.

Claws- Her nails in human form are quiet fragail like any human nail but sharp enough to scratch through skin, but another thing for her monster form. Her claws arn't razor sharp but big and pointy enough to tear open flesh and armor like metal or steal. Useless if she wanted to slash open a turtle's shell.

Body- Though in her human form she only weighs 120 pounds, she weighs about 569 pounds in her monster form. Her weight also makes it easy to pin down victims with out trying.

Trained weapons: none


Physical Damage-


Large Body Of Water- (Her fear)

Major Skills: 

Strength- Hyenawere's are more robust than a normal Hyena, the hyenawere can knock over a car.

Super speed- Hyena's are known for their speed, even though cheetahs are faster, but as a Hyenawere she can run up to 200mph which helps chase down or corner her prey or victims, sadly in her human form she can only run 9 mph

Super Senses- Because she is a canine she has very strong sencses, being a Hyenawere however her sight is crisp and clear, she can hear x2, and her sense of smell is 4x stronger then a bloodhound, able to sense a surprise attack (when shes actually focused) or anything with a scent she is familiar to within 20 miles, even able to senses a natural cause like an earthquake or storm a minute before it happens.

Minor Skills:

Stealth- Like wolves, hyena's hunt in packs which is no different to what Hyenaweres do. Like the wolves and hyenas, Hyenaweres stalk their prey before they give chase or go for a straight kill, she is able sneak past 'some' people without getting caught unless someone makes a disturbing sound to blow her cover or someone with a high sense ability.

Mock- With her Hyena laugh she can mock her victims who are in a weak state to make them feel weaker

Regenerate- Minor injuries such as bruises, scars, burns, frostbite, ect: she can regenerate quickly depending on the size, if the wound/ injuries is bigger it takes longer to heal. Other injuries such as broken limbs she can't heal.

Personality: Very sociable and loves to make new friends, very energetic and outgoing, likes to take charge in certain situations, kind and thoughtful but very stubborn, self-centred, always there for her friends and family

Character's Background:

Nyla is a full pure-blood hyenawere, born and raised with her real mother the Alpha's. Her mother said "One day you will grow up to be a fine young women and you shall take my place." As of now, Nyla's role in her pack is the Baale, the Alpha's second in command and second in line for the throne due to being born by the Alpha. Nyla didn't want to be leader of the pack as she feared she wouldn't be strong and dominate enough for the pack. In the end, her mother won the fight and demanded that Nyla would be the next Alpha.

Though becoming an Alpha wasn't easy, Nyla needed training to become a fierce, strong, compatible, nobel and dominate alpha. As a young pup her pack members would help her learn the ways of the Hyenawere and how to attack, hunt, and defend herself. Her training was easy but there was more, she needed to learn the ways of the humans and to live among them. Nyla's mother would enroll her into human schools not only to learn the ways of the human but also for basic knowledge. The humans however werent the friendliest creatures she lived among. The children were nasty not just to themselves but to her as well, and because Nyla was a sociable creature making friends with the human children was overly impossible. The more she stayed with them the more she wanted to kill them for teasing her and bulling. And that’s when Nyla's first killing started. A mean girl who always picked on her was on her death note, and Nyla was able to kill her and feast on her flesh like an animal. She liked it, the killing, the warm fresh blood on her face, her victims scream of terror. After the pack found out about her first kill her mother wasn't very happy but pleased how her little daughter made her fist kill without the pack and was able to get away with it.

Now, Nyla has passed Elementary and High School her education wasn't going to end there. Her mother was just about to enroll her daughter into university but when she heard about the Monster Academy she couldn't say no to a school like that. Without hesitation she enrolled her daughter into the school and now await to see if her daughter was accepted so Nyla can take her role as Alpha in her pack.

Roleplay Info: I do sort sentences and paragraphs but I prefer paragraphs. I only do 1-3 paragraphs. 

Example: Nyla: She smiled and let out a giggle of amusement when he got excited that she accepted his fight request. "Hmm, rules...... No back up help from anyone, if you are unable to continue you must cry out for mercy and you HAVE to. We don't want to kill each other now do we?" twirls her amulet around, preparing to transform herself when he's ready. "Other than that use what ever you got to fight. And "Erich must submit to Nyla." rule." She giggled jokingly to see how he would react to the new rule she added.

Nyla has a luxury dorm room after winning the Maze Event
Nyla has a Get Out Of Detention card after winning the Maze Event
Nyla has a Resolve of Stone after winning The Brewing Storm Event 
Nyla has a Geodeling after winning The Brewing Storm Event 


Character and artwork: The-Missing-Tune
Application: RawrSexyKitty
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Cozah Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kinda surprised you're still running with Monster Academy.
But I don't blame you, it still looks awesome and it still looks like you're having a lot of fun~
The-Missing-Tune Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
Well I was promoted to be a Teacher sooooooo. I'm still with the group. I never saw you in the group, ever.
Cozah Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I left before the first semester started.
I kinda, well definitely, didn't have time for it.
The-Missing-Tune Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
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The-Missing-Tune Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
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V-Oblivion Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Very original
but I can't stop thinking Nyla (human) looks a bit odd.
The-Missing-Tune Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
Thank you very much.
And how does Nyla look odd? is it because of the massive forehead I gave her? DX
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